Onshore wind

RWE is a long-term and stable player for the energy transition in the Nordic countries.

Long-term and stable player

We have an ownership perspective throughout the value chain, which makes us a long-term and stable actor. The ownership perspective is present in the early stages of origination studies and planning, through development and all the way to construction and operation.

International expertise with local competence

We create high-quality and competitive projects through local resources combined with leading international expertise.

RWE is a long-term and stable player in onshore wind | RWE in the Nordics

Facts about wind power and renewable energy | RWE in the Nordics

The many benefits of wind power to communities

Wind power has great environmental advantages, while also providing economic growth – both locally and regionally. Jobs are created and local businesses benefit.

Read about the positive impacts of wind power

Are you a landowner who wants to contribute to meeting the increased demand of electricity?

We are constantly looking for new areas suitable for production of renewable energy. In order to succeed with meeting the increased demand of electricity we need you as a landowner interested in leasing land. Please contact us and we will review the possibility to develop wind power on your land. Fill out your contact details and property code(s) in an e-mail to us and we will carry out an initial screening.

Examples of projects in development

Here you will find some examples of how we work with origination and project development of wind farms that in the future can create large and fast climate benefits, more jobs and meet the increased electricity demand.



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)



Project website (in Swedish)

Wind parks in operation in the Nordics

Here are examples of our wind farms in operation that contribute to the green energy transition and provide new local jobs.

Örken, onshore wind park in Halland, Sweden | RWE in the Nordics

Örken, Sweden

There is already an existing onshore wind farm that consists of 6 turbines (Vestas V112) that has been operating by RWE for some years. Örken, with a capacity of 18 MW was commissioned in 2012.

RWE extended the wind farm with two additional pieces of wind turbines (Vestas V136) that can provide an additional capacity of 8 MW (4 MW each). These two additional turbines can generate green electricity equivalent to the annual demand of 4,550 Swedish households and they are positioned in southern Sweden, where the electricity demand is the greatest.

Nysäter, Sweden

Nysäter, with its 114 turbines, is one of Europe’s largest wind farms and has been in operation since June 2022. The project area extends over 77 square kilometres around Viksjö, a couple of miles west of Härnösand. The park makes a major contribution to Sweden’s transition to renewable energy through the 1,7 TWh per year produced by the turbines. The total capacity in Nysäter is 475 MW. We have been involved since the early development, construction and currently in the operations. RWE’s share is 20 percent.

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Offshore wind power

Offshore wind power can be expanded on a large scale and has the added benefit of almost constant strong wind at sea.

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