Offshore wind

Harness the near-constant strong wind at sea for expandable large-scale renewable energy generation.

RWEs offshore wind energy farms

Offshore wind power can be expanded on a large scale and the winds are almost always strong at sea, which makes offshore wind power a stable energy source throughout the year. RWE is the second largest operator of offshore wind globally, with over 20 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of offshore wind projects.

Along the coasts of Europe, we operate 19 wind farms with a total capacity of 3.3 GW.

The 19 offshore wind farms we operate along Europe's coasts are situated – in addition to Sweden and Denmark in the Nordics – in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Offshore wind | RWE in the Nordics
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Wind power is an important part of the transition to renewable energy in the Nordic countries

We are expanding renewable energy production to be able to electrify society and contribute to solving the climate crisis. At the same time, we want to create local benefits in connection to all our wind farms.

Facts about wind power and renewable energy | RWE in the Nordics

The many benefits of wind power to communities

Wind power has great environmental advantages, while also providing economic growth – both locally and regionally. Jobs are created and local businesses benefit.

Read about the positive impacts of wind power

Our offshore wind portfolio in the Nordics

Our current offshore wind portfolio in the Nordics includes 2 offshore wind farms in operation, 1 under construction and 7 in development. Some of these projects will be introduced in the following on this website.

If you have any questions on our early phase development portfolio, don't hesitate to contact us.

Offshore wind parks in operation

Kårehamn, Sweden

Kårehamn Offshore Windfarm was finalized by 2013 and is one of few operating offshore wind farms in Sweden.

Project introduction

The windfarm is located in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea, close to Öland and about 7 kilometres offshore from the village of Kårehamn. It consists of 16 Vestas V112 wind turbines, each 76,9 meters tall with a capacity of 3 MW. The windfarm delivers electricity to 34,000 households – about half of the population of Öland. RWE Renewables invested EUR 120 million in the construction and operation of the wind park.

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Project introduction
Rødsand 2, offshore wind park in Denmark | RWE in the Nordics

Rødsand 2, Denmark

Rødsand 2 was commissioned in October 2010 and is situated south of the Danish island of Lolland in the Baltic Sea.

Project introduction

RWE is already operating the Danish Rødsand 2 offshore wind farm, which is located south of the Danish island Lolland, approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Rødbyhavn. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 207 MW. RWE share is 20 percent. Rødsand 2 has been in operation since 2010.

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Project introduction

Offshore wind parks under construction

Thor, Denmark

RWE is progressing with the deployment of its Thor offshore wind farm. RWE will build the Thor wind farm off the Danish west coast – approximately 22 kilometres from Thorsminde on the west coast of Jutland.

Project introduction

With a planned capacity of 1,000 MW, Thor will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm to date. The construction of the Thor wind farm is currently underway off the west coast of Jutland. 

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Project introduction

Offshore wind parks in development

Utsira Nord

Utsira Nord, Norway

We are participating in the auction for Utsira Nord, a floating offshore wind farm approximately 25 kilometers west of Karmøy in Norway.

Project introduction

Utsira Nord is planned to have a total installed capacity of 1500 MW, divided into three areas of 500 MW each. It will be the first large-scale floating wind farm in Norway, and one of the first in the world.

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Project introduction
Thor, offshore wind project in Denmark | RWE in the Nordics

Södra Victoria, Sweden

About 100 kilometers southeast off the Swedish island of Öland, we are currently developing our largest project in the Nordics.

Project introduction

With an estimated capacity between 1,400 MW up to 2,000 MW, the wind farm southeast off the Swedish island of Öland, towards the Polish border, will strengthen energy supply to southern Sweden. The project will decrease regional capacity shortage and facilitate the energy transition of industry and road transportation. The offshore wind farm is earmarked to deliver electricity in 2029.

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Project introduction
Neptuni, offshore wind project in Sweden | RWE in the Nordics

Neptuni, Sweden

We are investigating the possibilities for one of the largest offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. 

Project introduction

Neptuni is one of our so-called Greenfield projects, which means that we start from scratch by investigating the technical and environmental conditions for establishing a wind farm in the area. The wind farm, which would have an installed capacity of about 2,000 MW, would be important for strengthening the energy supply in southern Sweden where there is a great need for new electricity production to be able to transform industry and transport.

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Project introduction
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Project development portfolio in early phase

RWE currently operates almost 300 MW wind power in the Nordics, with onshore and offshore wind farms in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to that, the development portfolio has a potential of over 10 GW*.

We are dedicated to pushing the transition to a sustainable Nordic energy system forward and are looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about our business operations.

(*the project development portfolio includes offshore projects that have not yet achieved full exclusivity).

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Onshore wind power

We have an ownership perspective throughout the value chain, which makes us a long-term and stable actor for the transition to renewable electricity in the Nordic countries.

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