Nysäter Onshore Windfarm | RWE in the Nordic Countries
Nysäter Onshore Windfarm | RWE in the Nordic Countries

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Facts and figures

Location Viksjö village in the municipality of Härnösand, about 50 km north west of Sundsvall.
Comissioning June 2022
Total installerad capacity 475 MW
Number of turbines 114
Tip height 186-220m


SCA started the development of Nysäter Wind Farm in 2010, and in 2011 the project was taken over by E.ON Climate & Renewables, now RWE Renewables, which owns 20% of the park and has the task of being the owner representative. The remaining 80% is owned by a fund managed by Energy Infrastructure Partners.

The facility is one of Europe's largest wind farms and consists of two areas called Hästkullen and Björnlandhöjden. There are two models of wind turbines used in the park, one smaller and one larger according to the table above, both supplied by the turbine manufacturer Nordex. Together, the turbines produce 1.7 TWh per year, which roughly corresponds to the annual energy consumption of more than 300,000 Swedish households. The wind farm contributes to the reduction of emissions by 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which corresponds to emissions from just over 600,000 cars.

Construction of the park began in 2018 and commissioning of the turbines will take place gradually as they are completed. In mid-November 2020, the first turbine was connected to the grid, where the main connection takes place at the main grid station Nysäter, which has given the park its name.

Another important milestone for the project is the agreement between the wind farm and the Wind Power Fund Hästkullen / Björnlandhöjden. The money from the fund is intended to be used for development in local business, sports, culture and leisure projects.

The commissioning of one of the largest wind farms in Europe is in June 2022.

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