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Offshore wind farm


Facts and figures


Borgholm, Kommun near the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic Sea

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Total power

48 MW

Number of turbines


Turbine height

79.6 m above sea level


The Kårehamn Offshore Windfarm is located in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea, approximately 7 km away from the coastal town Kårehamn. RWE Renewables (formerly E.ON Climate & Renewables) invested 120 million Euro in the construction and operation of the 48 MW wind park. The wind farm was connected to the grid in 2013 after a construction period of 19 months.

The 16 Vestas V112 wind turbines of 3 MW each produce enough electricity to power 33,996 homes. Generating this power with wind instead of fossil fuels saves 68,706 tons of CO2 annually.

The location near to shore reduces costs for operation and maintenance as well as logistic efforts and allows direct connection to the onshore electricity grid. RWE Renewables (formerly E.ON Climate & Renewables) had commissioned the state-of-the-art offshore construction ship MPI Discovery specifically for the construction of its offshore wind farms – including Kårehamn – and has chartered it exclusively for six years to build the turbines. The Discovery has six lifting legs around each turbine that can be used to lift the entire 140-meter long and 40-meter wide ship out of the water. This creates a stable platform from which foundations and wind turbines can be safely installed with “zero lost time injuries” even in rough seas. This successful experience formed the basis of RWE’s standard process for safe and cost-efficient installations.