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Our energy for a sustainable life

We are a proud part of RWE Renewables, which fully focus on the transition to a sustainable energy system, with a global portfolio consisting of wind power, solar energy and energy storage in Europe, The Americas and Asia-Pacific. Our goal is to quickly increase the usage of renewable energy sources with technology that ensures energy supply, resource management and counteracts climate change. RWE powers the energy transition by investing €55 billion in renewable energy between 2024 and 2030.

We are dedicated to pushing the transition to a sustainable Nordic energy system forward and are looking forward to hearing from you with enquiries about our business operations.

RWE in the Nordics

We take initiative and find solutions instead of obstacles. Motivation is a key factor for us. To us it is important to impact and lead the green energy transition. We find strength in our parent company with more than 100 years’ experience and knowledge, while at the same time creating a start-up feeling in the Nordics, where we have been operating since March 2018. Here we have a strong go-ahead spirit and will to create change. Largely thanks to the excellent work of our coworkers with their great competence and engagement, we can work together to ensure the supply of green and sustainable energy for the future.

Read more about our coworkers to understand more about the career opportunities with us!

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Our engagement for the nature and society

We see our engagement as a way to contribute to a better future from an economic, environmental and social perspective. We want to create a better future for all and create a positive impact where we operate locally. We support and have an active engagement in the following organizations, among others:

Multinational company with diversity and equality high on the agenda

We are certain that equality and diversity lead to success. We’re really proud of our diverse family – because whatever your origin, sexuality, gender or religion, taking proper care of the climate and environment is a vital issue for all of us.

Together we are powering the transition to green energy.

Diversity drives success! Diversity at RWE

Facts & figures


onshore and offshore wind farms in operation

00 MW

under construction

00 GW**

installed capacity in operation

Over 00 GW*

Potential of development portfolio (onshore and offshore)

Around 00

employees in the Nordics

00 offices

in the Nordics

* the project development portfolio includes offshore projects that have not yet achieved full exclusivity
** RWE pro rata capacity more than 290 MW

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RWE is a long-term and stable player for the energy transition in the Nordic countries.

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Offshore wind power

Harness the near-constant strong wind at sea for expandable large-scale renewable energy generation.

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