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RWE helps young people in Malmö into work life

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Malmö, March 31, 2022

"RWE is part of a green transition where we are expanding renewable electricity production in Sweden, to contribute to climate sustainability in society. By collaborating with Nolla Utanförskapet, we can also contribute to a socially sustainable society, where young people are given the necessary tools to enter the work life," says Moa Rosén, project developer at RWE.

Twice per semester RWE welcomes young people from vulnerable areas to their office in central Malmö. RWE employees are at hand to help with homework, make new connections and inspire to pursue higher education. In addition, RWE also makes a financial contribution to NU: Nolla Utanförskapet.

"Many young people are interested in energy and the climate. The youths who meet RWE's employees are inspired and get new knowledge and tools they can use to create a better world. I find it hard to think of a better way to inspire a way out of exclusion," says Sanna Wolk, founder of NU: Nolla Utanförskapet.

NU: Nolla Utanförskapet works to ensure that all young people shall have equal opportunities to reach their full potential. Together with companies that want to take social responsibility, the organisation offers help with homework for students who are in the last year of upper secondary school or in high school and who are living in vulnerable areas or come from a vulnerable home environment, but everyone is welcome. Every week the youths go to companies in the city centre to do their homework together with company employees. At the same time, trust, new connections and opportunities are formed.

"During Nolla Utanförskapet's five-year long history, their work has resulted in that four out of five of their students have moved on to university studies. These are fantastic results and I would like to encourage other companies to get involved in Nolla Utanförskapet," says Moa Rosén.